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ProCast Hand Held Castanets - Set of 4

Experience the Rhythm of the Professionals with LP432 Hand Held Castanets - 2 Pairs Included!

- Two Pairs Included: The LP432 Professional Castanets come with two pairs of castanets, giving you the option to play with both hands or share with a fellow musician. This makes them a great value for the price.
- Professional Sound: These castanets are designed for professional use and provide a crisp and clear sound. They are perfect for use in orchestras, bands, or solo performances and will add a unique touch to your music.

The LP432 Professional Castanets are a must-have for any percussionist or musician. These hand-held castanets come in a set of two pairs, providing a versatile range of sounds and rhythms. Made with high-quality materials, these castanets are durable and designed to withstand the rigors of professional use. The LP432 Professional Castanets are easy to play and produce a crisp, clear sound that will enhance any performance. Whether you are a professional musician or a student, these castanets are a great addition to your percussion collection. With their exceptional sound quality and durability, the LP432 Professional Castanets are a great investment for any musician looking to take their performances to the next level.