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Ebony Castanets by DOBANI
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Add Rhythm and Style to Your Music with DOBANI's Ebony Castanets - Perfect for All Levels of Musicians!

- Easy to Use: The Castanets are easy to use and can be played by anyone, regardless of their skill level.
- Affordable: The Castanets are an affordable option for anyone who wants to add a traditional Spanish sound to their music without breaking the bank.

Castanets are a percussion instrument that are commonly used in Spanish and Flamenco music. The DOBANI Castanets are a top-of-the-line option for musicians looking for a high-quality sound. These castanets are made of ebony, a dense and durable wood that produces a rich, warm tone. Measuring at 2 5/8 inches, these castanets are the perfect size for most players. The pair comes with an adjustable elastic cord that allows for a comfortable and secure fit on your fingers. With the DOBANI Castanets, you can add an authentic and captivating sound to your music.